Swift Wheel Dolly Track

  • 2,000.00

Lightweight and easily portable Constructed for heavy duty use Track feet assisted leveling.
End support brackets prevent run off.
Storage Bag Convenient Container Complete kit travels safely in its own custom fit protective storage case


– The Shootvilla straight track is a 12ft long aluminium track set however can be extened to customers demand. The track set comes with blue track feet and end support brackets that makes it more stable and delivers thereby smooth videos.
– The operator can easily walk between rails with no worries of tripping or knocking spacers. Follow the path & motion of the subject and capture real dramatic footage that will switch the viewer’s perspective from outside to inside, from objective to subjective.
– SPECIFICATIONS OF TRACK: Construction: Aluminium Rails Industrial Grade Plastic Feet Track rails are 1.25″ in diameter Spacing between the rails: Weight of track – 7kg / 15lbs Weighing capacity – 400kg /882lbs 6 easy set up and carry 4′ sections
– Camera Wheel Dolly is solid build video production unit that enable to achieve smooth camera tracking and panning shots. You will be amazed at the professional results you will get. It is robust enough to support any camera rig without wobbling your set up.
– SPECIFICATIONS OF DOLLY: SPECIFICATIONS: 3 x 4 Easy Glide Dolly Wheel Sets Dolly Rods -4 square sections. 28″ gage, 1.25″ – dia track compatibility. Total weight capacity of video dolly – 159kg/350 lb.


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